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Question # 1 Reabsorption is the movement of water and solutes from the __________ to the __________.

    A) interstitial fluid; tubules
    B) glomerular capillaries; Bowman's capsule
    C) Bowman's capsule; nephron tubules
    D) nephron tubules; capillaries
    E) glomerular capillaries; peritubular capillaries

Question # 2 Filtration occurs in which section of mammalian nephrons?

    A) glomerulus
    B) loops of Henle
    C) proximal tubules
    D) distal tubules
    E) peritubular capillaries

Question # 3 The process during which potassium and hydrogen ions, penicillin, and some toxic substances are put into the urine by active transport is called

    A) tubular secretion
    B) reabsorption.
    C) filtration.
    D) countercurrent multiplication.

Question # 4 What is the name given to the fluid removed from the blood but not yet processed by the nephron tubules?

    A) urine
    B) water
    C) uretrial fluid
    D) filtrate
    E) renal plasma

Question # 5 About what percent of the fluid removed from the blood is eventually returned to the blood?

    A) 59
    B) 90
    C) 98
    D) 0.9
    E) 9

Question # 6 Kidney stones form in the

    A) renal pelvis.
    B) ureters
    C) urethra.
    D) urinary bladder
    E) glomerulus

Question # 7 Which of the following substances is NOT filtered from the bloodstream?

    A) water
    B) plasma proteins
    C) urea
    D) glucose
    E) sodium

Question # 8 The process of filtration in the glomerulus is driven by

    A) active transport.
    B) hydrostatic pressure.
    C) osmosis.
    D) dialysis.
    E) sodium-potassium pumps.

Question # 9 In reabsorption,

    A) plasma proteins are returned to the blood.
    B) excess hydrogen ions are removed from the blood.
    C) excess water is passed on to the urine.
    D) nutrients and salts are selectively returned to the blood.
    E) drugs and foreign substances are passed into the urine.

Question # 10 Which of the following processes is under voluntary control?

    A) filtration
    B) reabsorption
    C) urination
    D) secretion
    E) excretion